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Word: Outlines

Word Word: OutlinesMicrosoft Word: Outlining

One of the most annoying things about Microsoft Word is the way you highlight text. Don’t get me wrong highlighting with the mouse is brilliant, but if you need to highlight say 20 pages with the mouse your into the world of highlighting too much.

Highlighting sections of a Word Document

For example, if you try to highlight say 3 pages of text with the mouse, have you found yourself jumping way way past the area you wanted to highlight? Well worry no more as what you need to do especially if your intending on creating a large detailed documents with lots of headings is to use the “outline” view.

This video will provide you with the basic understanding of what the “Outline View” is and how to use it. Within 10 minutes I guarantee you will be moving pages and pages of text with little or no hassle!

Example Word Document

The following document is used with the video please feel free to use this document to follow along with me. Download from here:

If your aim is to move large sections of text around, this Word video is a must

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  1. Stephen Froggatt says
    05 Oct 14 at 3:10pm

    Brilliant video, expertly paced, very clear and informative. Thank you so
    much for sharing not just your knowledge but also your natural skills in
    teaching. Subscribing now!

  2. Peter Sanders says
    21 Jun 14 at 9:25pm

    In the descriptive text for your video, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, learn the
    difference between and how to USE “YOUR” and “YOU ARE” which can be
    shortened to “YOU’RE”.

    Stop using the possessive “your” when you actually mean “you are”!

    In the Education category, you should NOT be making basic errors like this!

  3. Edward Tyler says
    06 Mar 13 at 12:30am

    I forgot to mention that I found the header footer section in the dialogue box ‘page setup’, but in this section the ‘same as previous button’ isn’t there – only the ‘Different odd and even pages’ and ‘Different first page’

  4. Edward Tyler says
    06 Mar 13 at 12:27am

    I’m using ms ’07 and cannot follow your directions. I managed to find the ‘next page’ section break, but I’m unable to find the ‘same as previous’ button

  5. CaptainQueue says
    25 Aug 12 at 12:00pm

    One of the best videos on MS Word formatting and styles I’ve ever seen. Great work, very helpful.

  6. Tanuj Malik says
    12 Jul 12 at 2:30pm

    HIGHLIGHT multiple words in Multiple word files using simple software

    Download FREE from website TECHNOCOMSOLUTIONS (DoT) com

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