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Photoshop: Watermarking & Copyright

PhotoshopIcon Photoshop: Watermarking & CopyrightPhotoshop: Watermark And Copyright

With all your hard Photoshop work done the last thing you want is someone coming along and stealing your work saying that it was their own. Although you’re using Photoshop you can still get around copyright information (something I do not condone) but why make it easy for them?

What is Watermarking?

Watermarking is the process of placing a semi-transparent logo or text over the top of an existing image to ensure that anyone viewing our image know where this image was created from.  This is the same principle you get when you hold a envelope of note of money up to a light.

This video will explain the basics of how and where you would go to put your copyright and image watermarks on to your pictures to ensure you get the credit you deserve!

As a follow-up to this Photoshop video there is a “Batching” video which will explain how you would perform the same operation repeatedly, this is very useful when used with watermarks.

This video is one of many Photoshop tutorials on this site click here for more.

Example Photoshop File Images

Registered users can download the related Photoshop files used here::

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    28 Jul 15 at 4:47am


  2. Jayesh Banker says
    02 Jul 15 at 12:16pm

    horrible audio

  3. nzoverseas says
    16 May 15 at 9:52am

    Hi, I have followed your video and managed to get my watermark sorted with
    info added. You finish your video saying save it. Where do I save it? Is it
    possible to have this as a brush tool and stamp your photos quickly or do I
    have to go through this process every time I want to add a water mark. I’m
    not up to speed with photoshop yet and not sure where this saved watermark
    will be. Thanks. Pat

  4. smath Kennedy says
    03 Feb 15 at 9:29am

    great video, exacly what i needed, thanks ( p.s buy a muffler.. or some
    tights on a coat hanger before the microphone )

  5. 7437Up says
    25 Jan 15 at 11:07pm

    Thank you very much for this info! This will help a lot, I believe.

  6. setina dale says
    20 Dec 14 at 5:23pm

    copyright is no good unless you have a registered your copyright throught
    the laws. :-/

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