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SSIS: WorkFlow Vs. DataFlow

Part of Microsoft Integration Services

ssis SSIS: WorkFlow Vs. DataFlowSSIS: Fundamentals

Welcome to this first part of SSIS videos. With SSIS the first thing you need to understand in the basic concept of what “Work Flow” and “Data Flow” are.

What are Flows in SSIS?

Flows are how the data follows a specific path.  In SSIS there are two distinct areas:

  1. Work Flows
    Simply put, these are your logic gates.  Once you have done one thing, what do you want to do next in the package?  Also, what if one fo the steps failed what do you want to do now?
  2. Data Flows
    These control the data itself.  Here, anything goes!  You could split the data into a thousand parts, merge information together, import or export information.  Hey why not do all of these at the same time?  Data flows are very flexible.

This video will discuss the differences at a basic level ready for some more challenging options later. This video will also explain how to export information from a database to an Excel file. As already mentioned this is quite basic just to warm you up for the cool stuff!

This video is one of many SSIS tutorials on this site click here for more

Example SSIS Package

The project can be located here:

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  1. said maroc says
    26 May 15 at 3:43pm
  2. said maroc says
    26 May 15 at 3:42pm

    Mr. Abdelhak
    You can just google it : AdventureWorks…. download

  3. kiko says
    16 Jan 14 at 11:55am

    I can’t get the data source?

  4. kiko Abd says
    16 Jan 14 at 4:46am

    Can somebody respond me quickly, tnk u!

  5. kiko Abd says
    16 Jan 14 at 4:45am

    where can i get the database??

  6. Sean DeYoung says
    23 Aug 13 at 2:24am

    Great instruction video!

  7. chesada says
    31 May 13 at 9:37am

    Good job and Thanks

  8. Duncan says
    27 May 13 at 6:13pm

    Simply the best!!!

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