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SSIS: Variables In Detail

Part of Microsoft Integration Services

ssis SSIS: Variables In DetailSSIS: Variables In Detail

SSIS System & User Variables In Detail

With the basics of variables discussed from our previous video we can now give you an example of how this all fits together.

This video will explore how you can put variables together to create a dynamic script to error trap issues within your SSIS packages.  In this instance the example will show you how to use SSIS system and user variable to produce error text for an email. This code is completley dynamics and allows the SSIS package to automatically send the reciepent not only the error but specific details on what errored and where! Just one of the fantastic things you can do with variables.

Treat this video as your starting point to scripting with SSIS variables and hopefully will get your creative juices flowing!

This video is one of many SSIS tutorials on this site click here for more.

Example SSIS File

Also included in this demonstration is the file 0000-RunAll which can be downloaded from here:

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  1. srikanth says
    15 Dec 13 at 10:21pm

    Thank you, its really good demo

  2. mlsrealty says
    10 May 13 at 4:06pm

    I downloaded the Variables.sln project. In looking through it, I notice the connection managers refer to databases “103”, IISLog and SSIS_loggingDB.

    Are these databases available on the pcteach.me site? Where can I get them? I would like to try running the package.

  3. K3PanaceaBI says
    24 Feb 13 at 12:24pm

    Great video and a great starter design pattern.

    27 Jan 13 at 4:29am

    Very useful

  5. ataurcse says
    22 Apr 12 at 2:36am

    Thank you very much. I watched almost all videos on SSIS/SSAS. You are really a good.

  6. HIND says
    15 Mar 12 at 5:43pm

    it was so useful for me thanks a lot !

  7. martiruda says
    09 Mar 12 at 3:19am

    Pretty good video, thanks for sharing.

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