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SSRS: Report Wizard

Part of Microsoft Reporting Services Basics

sql SSRS: Report WizardSSRS: Report Wizard

So, you have your server configured and ready for “Report Consumers” (posh way of saying users!).  Where do you start I hear you asking?  Well, if you’re a novice your best place to start is by using the “Report Wizard”.  This provides you with the basics of how to create a report.  You will soon want to leave this feature when you get your bearings within the BIDS (Business Intelligence Development Studio).

SSRS Report Wizard, Good/Bad?

It is a bit of an awkwards question as its good when you first start but I guarantee after about 5 tries with the “Wizard” you will be sick of it and want to do more complex styles of reporting by another way.  Never fear, that’s in a couple of videos time! 

Some people prefer to start all thier reports with the wizard then edit them.  Thats fine but sooner or later you will be just far more content being able to create SSRS reports from scratch.

But for now have your favorite drink in hand and let me show you the SSRS fundamentals of the report wizard.  Once you’ve seen this you will be well on your way to producing reports left,right and centre!

This video is one of many SSRS video tutorials on this site click here for more

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