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SQL: Select Statement

sql SQL: Select Statement SQL: Displaying data

If you want to return values from any SQL source you need to understand the most fundamental statement and if your reading this you have decided to take the first step towards understanding how databases tick!

The SQL Select Statement

The select statement by and large is quite easy to understand but bit by bit, line by line it can become a behemoth which can drive you potty.

The select statement has really two (possibly three) important commands:

  1. Select
    Informs it that you are going to perform an operation to display data.  After the select command you would then either place a “*” to indicate all fields or itemise the feilds you wish to display.
  2. From
    Tells it which table(s) you want to look at.  This can then expand into joining multiple tables which is discussed in a subsequent topic called joins.
  3. Where
    This is the optional clause which instructs it to filter the results, to understand this area better please refer to the where clause tutorial.

So a full example fo the SQL would be as follows:

From Employees
Lastname = ‘Flintstone’

This video is a gentle starting point to understand the basics of the select. Subsequent videos will build on this basic concept.

Other SQL Videos

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  1. Faizal Adi says
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    thanks for tutorial

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    12 Feb 13 at 7:36am

    very good tutorial….

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    14 Jul 11 at 1:01am

    Beautiful! tnx a lot.

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