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Excel: Formulas / Calculations

Excel Excel: Formulas / CalculationsExcel: Formulas Vs. Calculations

Whats the difference between Formulas and Calculations in Excel?

The most basic thing you would do with a Excel spreadsheet is create a calculation to add some values together. Well, its a relativley simple affair to do but there is a BIG gotcha if your not careful….

The thing is your dealing with in Excel is formulas not calculations and as such they behave in different ways.

This video will explain how you can create basic calculations (Adding, Subtracting, etc…) with aid of the mouse and keyboard in your spreadhseet and then deal with the biggy…. formulas. When watching this video you need to be careful as what you think the answer to the formula is as it may turn out to be very different to what you were expecting.

This video is one of many Excel tutorials on this site click here for more

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