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SSIS: Data Viewers

Part of Microsoft Integration Services

ssis SSIS: Data ViewersSSIS: Data Viewers

are slowly getting there!  Our packages are coming along quite nicely but then DISASTER! You are getting errors all of sudden.  After you have ran around the office screaming for 5 minutes and grabbed a cup of coffee you need to tackle this head on!

Debugging Data in SSIS With Data Viewers

Well take a deep breath and relax, because with the use of Data Viewers inside Microsoft Integration Services(SSIS) you can quickly pinpoint the pesky blighter.  Finding the core problem is easy but fixing is something else!  Data Viewers won’t show you how to fix the error, but will help you identify the source of the problem.  This rather unused option by newbies is the key to becoming a pro!  Once you have mastered these wonderful tools SSIS will make you life so much easier.

What do they do?  Well, they simply display your data with the confines of SSIS.  If your doing string manipulation you can literally see the result of your transformation prior to SSIS throwing its toys out the pram! But is doesnt just end there, if the data your importing/transforming is an unknown entity for your warehouse you can use Data Viewers to highlight trends in your data too! Thus identifying new look-up tables you may need to incorporate.

So they are more than just a debug tool, they can be used to help you sulpt your transformations as you go.

This video is one of many SSIS tutorials on this site click here for more.

Example SSIS File

This video shows a full designed SSIS package which you can follow along. You will need to download the following file and run the install script which will attach the example database were using.  Simply run the executable and install to “C:” this will add a folder on your root called “PCTeachMe”.  You then need to run the “install” script within the folder of the same name and then finally ensure you have added your admin account to the database through SSMS.  So what are you waiting for click here to download: [/blockquote_left]

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