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Analysis Service - Dimension Attribute Relationships

ssas1 Analysis Service   Dimension Attribute Relationships SSAS Attribute Relationships

So, let get this straight… we have gone to the trouble of defining our Dimension Hierarchies to ensure that they are nested correctly and display correctly but they still wont work correctly for aggregation? Yep! This little tid bit is missed by so many self-taught people!

What are Dimension Attribute Relationships ?

They are the roadmap as to how aggregations are structured in cubes. Without Attribute Relationships, Analysis services would not know how to perform fast and accurate aggregations. For example, using the Date Hiearchy we have been using… How does Analysis services know to obtain the total year sales it only needs to add two numbers together Semester 1 & Semester 2. How does Analysis Services know to add the first 6 months into semester 1 and the second lot of 6 into semester 2? It doesn’t! That’s the whole point of Attribute Relationships this tells Analysis Services specifically the levels of aggregation and also it can then work out how best to calculate the values above. Remember from earlier we are wanting to view data from the most generic to most specific and to get that kind of optimisation we need to define the “roadmap” of how the aggregations get stored. That’s what Attribute Relationships is all about!

This video is one of many SSAS tutorials on this site click here for more.

The Dimension Attribute Relationships files

To obtain the sample files please click here:

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  1. Eric Philleo says
    21 Jul 15 at 1:17pm

    At the ReProcess at about 4:30, i get an error on duplicate keys. It wasn’t
    clear to me why in the last video we added the CalendarYear to the
    KeyColumns for the Hierarchy fields, but now it does. I went back and added
    those, and the error went away.

  2. yatakrish says
    12 Apr 15 at 8:21am

    Can anyone tell me what to do with a SSAS cube in a practical office
    scenario: sharing, tables, printing, sending PDFs, etc? Or is it only a
    analyst-developers tool?

  3. Christopher Sorric says
    24 Feb 15 at 9:24pm

    very helpful….Thanks!

  4. Georgie Dekker says
    16 Dec 14 at 1:39pm

    You’re doing an amazing job of showing on a good pace how this works. From
    a business perspective… what a incredible redundant activity. Is there
    any smarter way to do this?

  5. Maxim Ivashkov says
    29 Oct 14 at 2:33am

    John, SSAS hierarchy enables browsing in a special way but it does not
    optimize the structure while the attribute relationships does.

  6. John Huynh says
    01 Apr 14 at 6:42pm

    I still don’t get if we make the hierarchy, why it needs the attribute

  7. Ali Sanaâ says
    14 Aug 13 at 9:17am

    Thanks a lot :-) !! Great video.
    Best Regards from Tunisia

  8. CanKansu says
    11 Jul 13 at 2:53pm

    Thanks for these fantastic videos. Cheers !!

  9. Manohar says
    29 Jan 13 at 10:12am

    Excellent video.!!

  10. Yazan Inaim says
    29 Aug 12 at 4:00pm

    Thanks for your effort ! so informative !

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