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Photoshop: Actions & Batch Processing

PhotoshopIcon Photoshop: Actions & Batch ProcessingPhotoshop: Automation

Have you been repeating yourself in PhotoshopPhotoshop is probably the best image manipulation tool on the planet, but even the best tools can sometimes get bogged down in the boring stuff you dont want to do over and over again!  Well, your in luck as there is the ability within Photoshop to “save” steps that you repeat constantly and with a single click get Photoshop to do them for you.

This video will discuss how you would produce your own Photoshop action scripts which you can apply to an image or series of images. Creating Actions is quite a vast area so please treat this as a starting point on how to produce Actions.

Photoshop Programming (don’t be scared!)

Okay, so what the heck are “Actions”??? They are a series of commands that you perform on an image that you may wish to repeat in quick sucession. An example of this is if you wanted to watermark and copyright a large amount of images automatically. Normally you would have to do a series of steps in each image. With Actions you dont! What you do is “Record” your actions required once then you have to use over and over again.

So with this video sit back and watch how you would create actions and how you would apply them to multiple images.

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  1. eagleeyephotography says
    27 Mar 15 at 7:05am

    well presented and clear .. however such a complex operation to setup a
    water mark… so will use a speedy dedicated water marking software
    programme Thanks

  2. Raj N says
    19 Dec 14 at 12:10pm

    Your videos are great but not sure about the sound quality…on a macbook
    air it sounds like somebody is throwing 1000s of needles in all
    directions.I know your voice may not be as bad, but the mic surely needs an

  3. Fadel Galal says
    11 Sep 14 at 1:04pm

    Super duper, thanks again.

  4. steven taylor says
    09 Jul 14 at 9:06am

    This has helped me do what I have been struggling to do for ages. Very
    clear instructions and I’ve saved the video for future reference if I
    forget anything. Thanks for doing this :-)

  5. Roxann Murray says
    25 Feb 14 at 8:50pm

    Did not work. Completed the steps, went up to the top and opened new
    images. It started to play and then said the action “move” is unavailable.

  6. Gattidalegare says
    23 Sep 13 at 4:28pm

    Great! Thank you :)

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