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Photoshop: Actions & Batch Processing

PhotoshopIcon Photoshop: Actions & Batch ProcessingPhotoshop: Automation

Have you been repeating yourself in PhotoshopPhotoshop is probably the best image manipulation tool on the planet, but even the best tools can sometimes get bogged down in the boring stuff you dont want to do over and over again!  Well, your in luck as there is the ability within Photoshop to “save” steps that you repeat constantly and with a single click get Photoshop to do them for you.

This video will discuss how you would produce your own Photoshop action scripts which you can apply to an image or series of images. Creating Actions is quite a vast area so please treat this as a starting point on how to produce Actions.

Photoshop Programming (don’t be scared!)

Okay, so what the heck are “Actions”??? They are a series of commands that you perform on an image that you may wish to repeat in quick sucession. An example of this is if you wanted to watermark and copyright a large amount of images automatically. Normally you would have to do a series of steps in each image. With Actions you dont! What you do is “Record” your actions required once then you have to use over and over again.

So with this video sit back and watch how you would create actions and how you would apply them to multiple images.

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  1. GameShifu says
    12 Sep 13 at 10:45pm

    Can I use an action to open pdf and make changes and then creatre droplet. I have tried many times but it fails everytime. Very disappointing. It works when I drag a number of files over droplet but saves every file over the top of the first file that it creates?

  2. Eric Gallina says
    06 Aug 13 at 7:25am

    Brilliant stuff. The best tutorial on Actions ever

  3. ade4200 says
    25 Jul 13 at 7:26am

    cheers but i hope you have sorted your sound out by now, this is a disgrace… painful

  4. Troy Schnider says
    15 Jul 13 at 5:35am

    Saved me enormous amounts of time. Making a movie with stop motion and have 250 photographs that needed cropping, aspect ratio variants and so-on. The cropping was fairly uniform, so this helped a great deal. Thanks!

  5. erniiaylien says
    08 Jul 13 at 8:32am

    Hey great video, but How are u going to do it if u have pictures with different sizes but u want the watermark always have the same size of the ACTUAL picture. Originally of cause all pictures have the same size, but assuming u made a portrait out of a group photo. How can i automate the size adopting process? E.g. in a way that the watermark dimensions are always one third height and length of the actual picture. Thanks a lot! Already subscribed to ur channel, great videos

  6. Jan Crawford says
    03 Jul 13 at 10:35pm

    I designed a watermark using one of your other videos which worked nicely, I now want to batch all of my images but do not know how to save my watermark so that it comes up with a transparent background. I have tried everything I can think of can you please explain how this is done.

  7. Alexander Lee says
    22 Jun 13 at 7:47pm

    Thanks, this helped me a lot.

  8. julior33 says
    05 Jun 13 at 6:20am

    Thank you very much, it’s a pleasure watching and learning from your videos! Cheers!

  9. Tee Arabia says
    18 May 13 at 5:23am

    Thank you, was very helpful
    I was about to hit myself how I can process filter more than 1000 images
    was worry on how how much time it would take
    you saved me
    thank you again from all my heart

  10. pmstavros says
    09 May 13 at 5:59pm

    Thanks so much.

  11. viola trice says
    02 May 13 at 12:21pm
  12. PlanetGreentech says
    01 Mar 13 at 10:01am

    I want to batch resize images to a specific size for the website but the aspect ratio is causing a problem. Any ideas? Is it a manual task?

  13. yaniv4it says
    27 Feb 13 at 6:13am

    thanks: very probational

  14. TheVolcomDust says
    26 Feb 13 at 5:47am

    Great tutorial! Thanks!

  15. Pete Sargeant says
    30 Jan 13 at 12:49pm

    looking for WORKING adobe photoshop patch? i just saw one here bit.ly/eBlmoTi?=wzyco

  16. Tom Bolton says
    15 Dec 12 at 12:43pm

    Great video. Very helpful, thank you

  17. Itay Drory says
    25 Nov 12 at 1:37pm

    Thanks a lot, it helped me out

  18. vineetsavioboyle says
    13 Nov 12 at 11:46pm

    Hey just a little query.
    I want to do the same thing. but however i want to save the image for Web. and also save it at 20% resolution.

    I have 100’s of images . and placing watermark on each of them and then saving them at 20% resolution is a tiring job.
    However when i try the option you just showed im facing a problem with the LAndscape and Potrait Images.as the watermark is goin out of bounds in the potrait image ( because i recorded action in the landscape image)>
    Can you please help

  19. TiMickQC says
    27 Oct 12 at 11:52pm

    Thank you very much, sir.

  20. MsBlackdog1974 says
    19 Oct 12 at 6:09pm

    Did anyone else get the error message ‘Could not complete the Emboss command because the selected area is empty’ come up when ‘playing’ the action on a new photo? It’s almost driving me to drink!!

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