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Excel: If Function

After a while of using spreadsheets you get to a point where you need better control on how data is being presented to the end user. Quite often this requires you to make "interpretations"...


Excel: Absolute & Relative Cell Addressing

Ever had a formula that when copied references the wrong cell? Well this is down to Absolute & Relative cell referencing. Before you suddenly get cold shivers down your back and are running for...


Excel: Functions

Functions generally work on a series of cells known as a "Range" which tells it to highlight from a start point to a end point. This video will discus how and why we...


Excel: Formulas / Calculations

The most basic thing you would do with a spreadsheet is create a calculation to add some values together. Well, its a relativley simple affair to do but there is a BIG gotcha...


Excel: Moving & Highlighting A Spreadsheet

This fundamental video will describe how to navigate around the Excel Spreadsheet. Most users of Excel are self taught and as a result they can do most of thier day to day work with...


SSIS: Fuzzy Lookup

With the any kind of database import there are always going to be data problems. Why? Well, it generally down to human beings. A computer is logical, a human is not. A computer does...


SSIS: Lookups

When either importing data or ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) for a data warehouse, you quite often need to assign key values to your data so you can use these values to join/link on....


SSIS: Conversion & Derived Data

With any data that your going to import into a database there are problems with the way the data has been entered down to calculations displaying values to too many decimals. To correct this you...


Excel: Pivot Tables

One thing I do find funny in my line of work is the amount of IT people that don't use Pivot tables. Pivot tables can save the user so much time when it comes...


SSIS: WorkFlow Vs. DataFlow

With SSIS the first thing you need to understand in the basic concept of what "Work Flow" and "Data Flow" are. This video will discuss the differences at a basic level ready for some...

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