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Analysis Services


Analysis Services - Data Source Creation

A Data Source is an object that allows a product such as SSAS/SSRS/SSIS to connect to a database system. Watch an overview of the database and how we would initially connect to the system...


Analysis Services - Parent Child Dimensions

Parent Child Hierarchies are self referencing hierarchies which don't need a hierarchy structure setup the same way as discussed so far because between two fields contained in the dimension they define the structure without...


Analysis Services - Dimension Storage

Dimension Storage is the means to instruct Analysis Services how to store the information on the cube. This is where the terms ROLAP & MOLAP come in.


Analysis Service - Dimension Attribute Relationships

They are the roadmap as to how aggregations are structured in cubes. Without them Analysis services would not know hoe to perform fast and accurate aggregations.


Analysis Services - Star Schema/Snowflake Schema

This is where one fact table would have one or more dimension tables connected to it. So simply put if you zoomed out on a diagram you would get a star appearing on your...


Analysis Services - Dimension Hierarchies

The next step is to look at grouping our data together, this comes in the focus of a one to many within the one dimension table. For example let us use Dates as an...


Analysis Services - Cube Creation

The Microsoft textbook response is you can tackle Cube creation head on once you have established your Data Source and Data Source View. The Cube Wizard handles creating these dimensions for you. Albeit not...


Analysis Services - Dimension Fundamentals

Why call it a Dimension? Well the whole purpose of a cube is to identify aggregated values grouped by commonality such as year by customer, or region by product etc... By using one or...


Analysis Services - Dimension Discretization

Dimension Discretization is the ability to review a value and put them into groups. An example of this is salaries, if you are doing any form of grouing of data on money quite oftern...


Analysis Services - Data Source Views | Data Source View

A Data Source View allows the developer to create a logic view of the data to be placed in to the cube. Watch this video to see how it all fits together.


Analysis Services - Prerequisite Guide | SSAS

Welcome to the start of a very exciting journey. You have chosen to discover how B.I. works from Microsoft viewpoint. The following video describes what SSAS prerequisite material you need to have on hand...

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