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PC Teach Me Is 1 Year Old!

happyBirthday PC Teach Me Is 1 Year Old!

Its hard to believe that PC Teach Me is one year old already!

My original plan was to test the water to see if there was any requirement for PC video tutorials. Boy, I was not expecting the reception I got! Within 6 months the website had surpassed my wildest expectations and the feedback and support I got from everyone was just amazing!

Within this first year we have over 400 subscribers, over 76,000 views of the videos and countless comments as to what people wanted to see next. I like to thank everyone who is a subscriber for making the site what it is today!

Due to the overwhelming feedback & support over the past year I am going expand the topics to more interesting and exotic areas! So to that end (and since it was it’s birthday) I have completely redesigned the website to make it a faster & easier to use facility. New features are still to come over then next few weeks but I feel that the “new coat of paint” will make it a better facility for all to use.

One of the things I have moved into is to include elements such as RSS feeds and Twitter (you may notice them as icons above). These facilities are to complement the website, so if your a “Tweeter” or like to include RSS feeds in your email. These options will make it much easier to keep on top of the new posts. Also, to allow you to share these videos with your friends you will see on each post the ability to post it on the likes of Delicious, Digg, Twitter, Blogger, AOL, Facebook and more!

Speaking of posts, what is the focus for the coming year? Well, I have ideas… but again, its you guys that drive the site! So keep those wonderful comments and suggestions coming!

So thanks for all your support & will be talking to you soon!

Warmest Regards,


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  1. 31 Oct 11 at 9:30am

    Love the video explanation of subdocuments. I am a student at Pitman training and the coverage of subdocuments was poor. It makes so much more sense having watched your video. Thank-you

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