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SQL: Primary Keys

So if your here on this post your after understanding the mysteries of Primary/Foreign key relationships. Well let me tell you they are an art form not an exacting science something at first you...


SQL: Joins

If your learning the basics of SQL, there comes a point in everyone's experience of SQL where the learning curve suddenly jumps a notch.  For me this topic made me reminise back to when I...


Photoshop: PhotoMerge

One of the most common requirements nowadays is to "stich" images together. Simply put this allows you to overlay multiple images together to create a larger image. If like me you have a point...


SQL: Where Clause

Following on from our previous video of how to display results from SQL by use of the select statement. We are now going to discuss the basics of filtering our information by use...


SQL: Select Statement

If you want to return values from any SQL source you need to understand the most fundamental statement. The select statement by and large is quite easy to understand but bit by bit, line by...


Photoshop: Cropping

So what do you do when you only want a selective part of the image? Well...you could use the marquee tools (which most people do), but what is better is to use the...


Photoshop: Vibrance

Using adjusments in photoshop will make either a markedly better or worse change to your image. As there are so many options available in PhotoShop we are going to just takle two of...


Photoshop: Cloning Advanced Techniques

So with the basics of cloning and the healing brush discussed in a previous video. Its time to raise the bar. This video deals with how you can control the many aspects of...


Photoshop: History Brush

Okay, this is a weird concept to understand to start with but after a couple of attempts makes a whole lot of sense! The history brush is a way to retain all the changes you...


Photoshop: Clone Stamp And Heal Brush

When you get down to altering your images it is important to work out the differences between certain tools. In this video we shall tackle the differences between the "Clone Stamp" and the...


SSIS: WorkFlow Vs. DataFlow

With SSIS the first thing you need to understand in the basic concept of what "Work Flow" and "Data Flow" are. This video will discuss the differences at a basic level ready for some...


Photoshop: Perspective Edits In 3D

Photoshop make creating perspective editing a joy rather than a hassle! "In perspective" editing is the ability to transform images without you having to worry about altering the size of brush, colour or anything else...

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