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Photoshop CS4 Basics


Photoshop: Undestructive Editing

So how do we manipulate images in Photoshop? ...well hang on a second, what you need to be is be very careful, as any changes to the image are destructive to the base image....


Photoshop: Layer Masks

With Layers understood from a previous video, we can tackle the layer mask! Layer masks are the bread and butter of merging layers together. In this video we shall look at how to perfom a...


Photoshop: Cropping

So what do you do when you only want a selective part of the image? Well...you could use the marquee tools (which most people do), but what is better is to use the...


Photoshop: How To Create 3D Text

This video will show you how to create exciting 3D text with little work involved.....okay, a slight lie it can take you about 10 minutes but will show you some of the basics of...


Photoshop: Clone Stamp And Heal Brush

When you get down to altering your images it is important to work out the differences between certain tools. In this video we shall tackle the differences between the "Clone Stamp" and the...


Photoshop: Vibrance

Using adjusments in photoshop will make either a markedly better or worse change to your image. As there are so many options available in PhotoShop we are going to just takle two of...


Photoshop: Color Curves

Images can sometime not come out as expected. For example your in an underwater aquarium and take a few snaps of the fish but the image never looks good, either they are milky...


Photoshop: Light To Dark, Summer To Winter

I was asked the other day to get a photograph of my friends Tea Room for thier website. The problem was I needed to get going and it was still daylight. Why...

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